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An interdisciplinary movement artist, choreographer, teacher and curator, Alissa has performed, taught and toured nationally and internationally in Russia, Armenia, Belgium, France and Japan where trainings with Min Tanaka (Body Weather Farm), and research & performance engagements with 'Nijinski of Butoh' Akira Kasai were galvanizing. A core member of Paula Josa-Jones/Performance Works (1998-2003), she has worked with Xavier Le Roy, Ann Carlson, Elaine Summers, Yoshito Ohno, Nora Chipaumire, among others. Her dance making, curating and mentorship initiatives have garnered support from institutions including Asian Cultural Council, the LEF Foundation, Open Society Institute and New England Foundation for the Arts. Alissa earned an MA in Performance Studies from NYU (2003) and an MFA from UCLA's Department of World Arts & Cultures (2011), where she was the recipient of the Elaine Krown-Klein Fine Arts Scholarship and the Evelyn and Mo Ostin Performing Arts Award (2009-10).

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