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Kino London’s monthly open-mic film night is the only film night of it’s kind in London. Filmmakers register in advance to screen their short at the next event, sight unseen. There are no themes, no pre-selection and no restrictions, other than that films be under 6 minutes, on dvd, and include the Kino London logo at the end, just for our screening.


  1. Rhizomatic1
  2. Patricia Hetherington
  3. Emily Bailey Visuals
  4. Donna Lipowitz
  5. Molly Brown
  6. Mark Bowsher
  7. Helen Nias
  8. Whirlygig Cinema
  9. Sebastian Collier
  10. Ian Gamester
  11. Marco Testoni
  12. Jonathan Last
  13. Alex Goddard
  14. Stuart Elliott
  15. Ben Woodiwiss
  16. Alex Widdowson
  17. Lara Singer
  18. Karass

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