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I am a Producer/Director who will shoot and edit. My most recent credits are my first full documentary feature Hora Chilena and two social documentary shorts for Channel 4, but I have also produced for Discovery Channel and worked with the BBC Natural History Unit. My career has included a number of managerial roles in an environmental NGO and the Programme for Sustainability Leadership of Cambridge University, in academic publishing and as a business journalist. In these positions I have produced a diverse range of films, campaigns and events for both targeted and mass audiences, working with broadcasters, wild animals, senior government officials, academics, royals, corporate and third sector leaders, as well as working people and communities all over the world. I have an MA in Screen Documentary from Goldsmiths University in London.

The subjects of my films have included Nobel Prize winners, mountain gorillas, wild pigs, economists and trans people. My work has taken me to locations as diverse as the Cardamom mountains of Cambodia and the vanishing ancestral fruit forests of Kyrgyzstan (painfully on horseback). As a recent father, I am interested more than ever in the future.

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