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Kira Corser’s background includes 10 years at KPBS in San Diego, 8 years teaching at California State University Monterey, an MFA from John F. Kennedy University Arts Annex in Berkeley, and BA in Journalism, plus 20 awards and grants, and 22 years experience as Director of educational and community programs. As Director of the Wellness for Children Project, she designed workshops and produced a 40-minute children’s video used at libraries, Stanford and other California hospitals. For adults, she produced a 30-minute video titled “Art and Healing: Journeys through Breast Cancer” for the Monterey Museum of Art and American Cancer Society. At the university lever she made 9 videos for CSUMB Institute for Human Communication, the World Wall for Visual and Public Arts and for freshman students about Service Learning.

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  • Art is the Next Peace info - spotlights, funders, supporters, participants, cities and more info on 7 year project!
  • Kira Background - wide range of arts, community projects, resumes, teaching, photos of President Clinton and other photos
  • A Matriot's Dream: Health Care - National exhibition with Frances Payne Adler, CUSMB on 47 million Americans fighting for health coverage and care. Shown in Cal State Capital, Washington DC, Harvard and other Universities, used to education by UCAN and President Obama's Health, NBC
  • Sea Changes: ACT - A collaborative creative project with national and regional scientists and artists about devastating changes happening in the world oceans.


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