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Kitelement is a brand formed out of the impulse to stand out from the pack, alone and proud on the waves. We are fascinated by the elements, which give our sport such an absolute freedom amidst danger. This is the wind that drives us forward.

Our goal is to achieve a minimalistic design that integrates every single essential detail into an organic totaltity, because we believe that it's the detail that makes the unit complete, exactly as the human makes the society. Our logo works as one element with an infinite number of ways to display possibilities, to represent geometries and to contrast colours. This is an idea that reaches out into the deep ocean. This is where the identity of kitelement lies.

Everything comes out of and is rooted in our passion for riding; the ability to identify the need for a state-of-the-art, quality product, exactly the thing that riders are now searching for. Our collection represents a remarkable development of foldable kiteboards made with the unique workmanship of those who love our sport, and with leading edge technology without compromise. That is why you , with your own passion for riding, will love our products.

kitelement – creating boards out of a search for the unique

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