Kitten Minx LaFemme♥

Arizona, California♥

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the captivating, the dreamy & the exotic beauty...♥

This Eurasian Kitten Minx doll is purring her way into your heart. This Eurasian doll is purring her way into your heart with her sultry yet delicate sauntering with eyes of mystery and a demure smile that will captivate your heart. This is one seductive sweet feline who has been dancing most of her life with love for ballet. She loves cuddling, getting brushed & eating catnip. Her purr~fect day would include sleeping in, cuddling her felines & Tiger lover. She loves~ dancing under the moon, stretching, sauntering, grooming herself, exploring the world and cuddling under the stars♥

I am entering into the Burlesque world of dancing & performing!...please join me in my sexy adventure into this new world of mystery, intrigue & adventure! Been dancing since I was in high school & this is how I feel most complete♥

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