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Kitty Von-Sometime began to play with cameras from a young age, reflecting on herself and loved ones until realizing the power this media has to shift internal mindsets. The people around Kitty, more notably women, seemed to need a shift in theirs.

Following a move from the UK to Iceland in 2006, Kitty developed a visual art series designed specifically to push the women taking part outside of their everyday self-imposed restrictions. The response was so genuine that she continued this project with more seriousness as an artist and filmmaker and reached more women, both taking part and those observing.

This was the beginning of The Weird Girls Project, Kitty’s main visual arts series to date. This series has developed past people Kitty can physically touch, to audiences around the world.

In 2011, the Icelandic branch of UN Women chose The Weird Girls Project as a way to visually announce the name change from UNIFEM. In 2012 as well as work at home in Iceland Kitty produced multiple pieces in China, as Converse’s sponsored artist, bringing the relatively new idea of pushing boundaries to everyday Chinese women, followed by a 3 month residency at The Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai where she focused on developing installation, performance and painting.

2013 saw Kitty invited to produce an episode of The Weird Girls Project in Germany as the opening work of Nordischer Klang Nordic arts festival, also holding a solo exhibition as well as giving an artists talk at the established Krupp Kolleg in Greifswald.

Kitty’s 2014 first major work was a commissioned public light installation inspired by bioluminescence shown in the winter light festival of Reykjavík, supported by Nordic Culture Point.

Further in the year Kitty produced her first solo performance art film, a collaborative project between Kitty Von-Sometime and band Árstíðir, shot on Langjökull glacier in Iceland. Due to be released in October, the piece is an artistic statement on Kitty’s relationship with living in Iceland, and a love letter to her wife who had moved to Iceland from the US.

An independent feature length documentary film has been made on Kitty and her work as an artist with specific focus on her performance art series 'The Weird Girls Project'. The documentary film is currently in post production and has already garnered international attention with pre-sales to TVP Poland and RUV Iceland and interest pending in Sweden, France and Germany. The film is set to be released at International Film Festivals from early 2015 followed by an International theatrical, broadcast, DVD and Online Release.

Kitty proactively involves those outside of art to become art, to live art, to feel art.

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