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  1. I-Plan

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    Kiwanis International’s strategic plan, the Kiwanis I-Plan, is designed for each district and club to use as a guide to create their own plans and choose their own paths toward accomplishing common goals. The plan focuses on four goal areas—or priorities—that will help clubs, districts…

  2. Canadian culture. International influence.

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    Celebrate 100 years of Kiwanis in Canada at the 101st Annual Kiwanis International Convention in Toronto, June 23-26, 2016. Learn more about the convention at www.kiwanis.org/convention.

  3. 2015 Kiwanis International Convention: Living Timeline

    10 videos

    Take a journey through time as Kiwanis-family leaders highlight the best events in Kiwanis history on stage at the 100th Annual Kiwanis International Convention.

  4. Kiwanis Magazine

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    Kiwanis Magazine

  5. 日本語/Japanese

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  6. 中文(繁體)/Chinese

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  7. Nederlands/Dutch

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  8. Deutsch/German

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