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Norman, Oklahoma

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My passion for filmmaking starts with finding an engaging story. A story that draws you in, and leaves you wanting more. A story that you think about long after you've finished watching it.

I write, shoot and edit films. Whether that be for a company, a non-profit, a church group, or a few people who want to make a film, I enjoy working together creatively to produce a film that will carry your story to others.

Current Ventures:

America Made Me Black // Documentary // Currently Filming
Atria Creative // Wedding & Commercial Media // Videography & Editing
McFarlin UMC // Communications Assistant & Photographer/Videographer


  1. TIME Video
  2. Fandor Keyframe
  3. Burger Fiction
  4. ChefSteps
  5. Artsy
  6. Crossings Community Church
  7. Elevation Church
  8. North Point Media
  9. Freedom Church
  10. StoryCorps
  11. David Bizzaro
  12. The Perennial Plate
  13. Moving Works
  14. Marco Santi
  15. The Atlantic
  16. Torchbearers International
  17. Milestone Creative
  18. John John Florence

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