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Konstantinos Kakarountas is currently the founder of DaHouse.He is an animation filmmaker
and digital art director.His strong skills are storytelling, animation and post production though
he loves every single aspect of VFX production.He has currently worked on several projects
here in Greece and in France.Before coming to Greece he has worked in France as a freelance
CG-Artist,Compositor and he has make numerous ads for Post Houses!He has also been busy
working on a number of film projects including directing six shorts.For the previous years he was
a 3D Artist exclusive for several Post Houses here in Athens-Greece.

He has an in-depth background art,design,advertising creative.His skills range from concepting,
storyboarding,and CGI scene/character development to directing and compositing work.
He is a creative thinker with a taste for science.

He has attended The European School of Visual Arts in Angouleme and Poitiers,France, where he
has studied Fine Arts with a DNAP/DNSEP in Communication Arts respectively.

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