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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (KKBB) is a drag based performance art collective formed by Michael Judd (Brisbane, Australia) and Shannon Lester (Vancouver, Canada) in the fall of 2009 in Osaka, Japan. The collective has collaborated on numerous projects in locations such as The United States, Canada, Australia, France and Japan, and has self produced numerous short films and most recently completed the ambitious long-form art film, Yūrei Ga Tōru, filmed over a two month period in Osaka, Japan.

In 2012, the first KKBB art show/ installation "The Aftermath" was held at the UBCO FINA Gallery in Kelowna, Canada. The philosphy of the group is to question societal norms, outdated patriarchal control and push forward both feminist and outsider agendas in an inclusive, entertaining, visually stunning and thought provoking package. The main characters and muses of Judd and Lester are their alter egos, Belgium Solanas and Sasha Zamolodchikova, glamorous, sinister and powerful shapeshifting entities which are most fully explored in the film, Yūrei Ga Tōru.

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