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  1. Cinemagraphics Group (Motion Graphics on film)

    by Robert Lyons

    229 Videos / 181 Members

    Motion graphics and special effects animation created on film, and in-camera, only. Any format, (Super-8, 16mm, 35mm, Vista Vision, IMAX) No CGI, computer, digital, or video graphics. A place for…

  2. VisualBerlin

    by Kiritan Flux

    158 Videos / 663 Members

    VisualBerlin is a video art club that offers a platform for live video performers seeking cooperative projects and mutual exchange. The Videokunst-Club VisualBerlin e.V. is a non-profit organization…

  3. DANCE

    by GLOW

    148 Videos / 36 Members

    Dancing, express yourself with your body, hip hop, electrodance, contempo, dubstep, jazz, ballet, pop, jazz funk

  4. Motion Graphics FAV

    by Alberto Sáez Fábregas

    143 Videos / 14 Members

    compilation of favorite motion graphics.

  5. Timelapse

    by Josef

    137 Videos / 47 Members

  6. Timelapse

    by Georg Schneider

    108 Videos / 63 Members

  7. Timelapse

    by Marian Such

    46 Videos / 37 Members

  8. Timelapse

    by Jack Padgett

    35 Videos / 22 Members

  9. Timelapse

    by Silvercup

    24 Videos / 24 Members

    Timelapse videos

  10. Cinemagraph

    by Pompo Bresciani

    17 Videos / 22 Members

    Cinemagraph of movies shot with DSLRs and saved as animations. We all can learn and get inspired from each other.

  11. Cinemagraphs

    by Andrew Tippett

    11 Videos / 12 Members

    Explorations of the "moving photo" cinemagraph technique. I noticed there wasn't a group specifically for these so I made one. Feel free to add yours!

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