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Hverfisgata 42, Reykjavik, Icela

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Kling & Bang Gallery was established by ten artists in the beginning of 2003. The policy of Kling & Bang gallery is to introduce emerging and established, national and international artists and their works, that challenge the context and content of creative thinking. Kling & Bang Gallery often collaborates with outside curators and galleries on various projects. Kling & Bang gallery also aim to participate directly in the process of creating the artworks, e.g. by producing the works in collaboration with the exhibitors. For two years, 2004 and 2005, Kling & Bang gallery also ran the 5000 square meters building, an artist base called KlinK and BanK. Some 137 artists, designers, filmmakers and musicians worked in the building on a day to day basis, including exhibitions, lectures, theater and various projects, all in all 3 events per week for two years. Kling & Bang gallery is located at Hverfisgata 42, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland and is open from Thursday – Sunday from 2-6 pm.

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