K. Maria Parrotta

Washington, DC

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I'm a Pre-Pharmacy student, an activist, a singer, a scholar, a punk rocker, a DIY master, and an oddly versatile jack of all trades. My favorite things include the smell of old books, Moscow in late August, quantum theory, 12 string guitars, science fairs, and singing union hymns in dusty bars. My heroes include Nikola Tesla, Mister Rogers, Alexander Shulgin, Greg Graffin, Alexandra Kollontai, Carl Sagan, and every factory worker who has ever made my shoes. I currently live and work in the Atlas District, but I'm often seen roaming the city looking for a reason to laugh and collecting stories. All of my videos are from my coursework at American University. After losing access to student cameras, my stories are mostly contained in cheap notebooks and late night one-woman reenactments.

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