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I am an artist working in video: I capture performances and psychologies of the everyday. My passion for capturing the visual spaces that surround me is inspired by the often arbitrary, yet meaningful nature of human interactions.

My work resembles sketching and happens largely intuitively. In my practice, I write down “fragments of ideas” in my notepad. I follow flash images running through my head either by listening to music or witnessing the vast variety of human behavior.

I often work non-narratively, and seek to capture a mood from my surroundings. I like to record people and things as if i’m not there. I feel it would effect the behavior of the people i’m recording if my presence was too apparent. When i begin to produce i am not fully aware of the full picture. I am interested in the challenge and paradox of creating improvised, often rugged performances of everyday life, without losing a sense of structure.

I produce all of my own work: writing, shooting, directing and editing. In many ways, the acting in my work is affected and shaped by my editing. I feel producers, actors, camera people and directors are all puzzle pieces and the editor is who pieces it all together. That is why my passion for editing is just as strong as my passion for recording.


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