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Arbeitsgemeinschaft für zeitgemässen Blickfang or AfzB is an international pool of visual artists, dancers and musicians. Formed in 2006 in Neumünster in Northern Germany to realize the 'total art' project 'die fenster des detlev sierks - hauptsächlich ein saxophonkonzert', a work still in progress, just like the group's second 'total art' project 'a propos l'histoire du pirates de florence'.

AFzB is about musical improvisation. And about visual arts in combination with music.

AFzB cooperates with Dutch artist group Ateliers Cohen & Faynzilber.

AfzB is:
Hanns Ahring: music and visuals, J.L. Knopf: electronics and visuals, Maren Schram: visuals, Jean Quist: music and visuals, Bram Stoeken: music, Rene Haakman: music and visuals, Anne Bastemeyer: music, Frank Kooistra: music and electronics, PJM Velterop: music and visuals, Fred Forestier: music and visuals, Hans Lagerweij: music and visuals, Simon Dirkse: visuals, Burkhard Meininger: visuals, Xymena Skowron: music and visuals, Giulia Gellini: visuals, Tanya Bartolini: visuals


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