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KNYST (T. Bellind) has been on a sonic pilgrimage since the late nineties. Improvisation on various portable setups form the foundation of the output. The modular synth is the main instrument; an ever changing platform of sonic possibilities. The music itself could have been drawn from ancient times, hidden since long inside a holy mountain, suddenly being exposed...
Some events:
ArtCamp Mongolia 2004 - video, outdoor sound installation, concert
Fylkingen 2004 - first concert at Fylkingen
EMS 2009 - studies
Örebro Länsmuseum 2011 - video
BBC Radiophonic exhibition 2011 - composition
EMS/VEMS 2012 - modular synthesis lecture series
Club Lamour Festival 2013
Norbergfestival 2013
Halo #6, Fylkingen 2014 - first Tam-tam Gong performance

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