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In 2003, Sonny Marler founded MyReel Productions, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA. His first big project was on the corporate level for Kroger Grocery Stores. He was hired to Produce and Manage a Crew for Production and Post Production for all of Kroger’s Training and Promotional Videos. This corporate job opened the door for Sonny to work in many different corporate markets such as; Aerospace Industry, Commercial and Residential Real Estate Development, Promotional Campaigns for several large and small cities. Hired by the chamber of commerce and Print publications to promote the cities and their aesthetic assets, the culture and subcultures of that particular area. With a degree in Theatre and a lifelong commitment to Acting/writing/and directing plays. At the time he ideally would have love to be doing more creative work in genres such as TV, Film or Documentaries, but he knew with a creative approach to the corporate side of production that there was a market for him and his crew to produce out his studio in Los Angeles and that this would be a good way to get his feet wet, so to speak. Sonny was simultaneously creating a network of young actors and directors that utilized his studio to create their own original demo reels to showcase there individuality and particular approach or style within their craft. He worked diligently usually at no cost to the young artists to not only inspire them but to be inspired by them. This Network "MyReel" had an online presence that showcased EPK's of an Artist and original content by artist. This opened doors to the artist's community of Hollywood in an unimaginable way.
While in Los Angeles, Sonny produced a number of events for the infamous nightclub, The Viper Room. The list of events consisted of Live Performances. Sonny was responsible for the Pre-Production, Production, and Post Production for all of the following events; Fashion Shows, Comedy Shows, Showcases for Dancers and Choreographers and Live Concerts. Sonny’s responsibilities consisted of everything from directing to set design to editing of final product. His true passion was fulfilled while doing these live events, as he loves more than anything to work with people in the moment. That is where Sonny really shines.
Sonny fills the role of Executive Producer with My Reel Productions, Inc. By 2006, Sonny had produced a number of Short Films, Documentaries and Music Videos. His creative vision came to fruition when he took the role of Director for the Episodic Sketch, “Barnes Brothers”, an online digital video that had an immediate impact on the teen and young adult market, within a week’s time it hit 3.5 million views on YouTube. This exposure perked the interest of MTV and Sonny and his team were contacted by MTV with a proposal to invest money to create a full length episode.
Since then, Sonny has directed several Music Videos that have been broadcast on networks such as Fuse, VH1, MTV and major networks in Canada and Europe. In collaboration with representatives from Viacom and other media entities, he has been writing, directing and producing Sizzle Reels for Scripted and Unscripted Televisions Series’ under his new company, 4theloveof Productions (a division of MyReel Productions, Inc.)
Currently, Sonny is working toward the completion of his Documentary, “Sons of Many”, which took place in Peru. He is also the Executive Producer and Creator of two Reality Television Series’ which are being represented by William Morris and will be pitched to Major Networks throughout the summer. Sonny is also, writing and directing Music Videos with Producers out of Nashville, TN. He also acts as a 2nd Unit Director for films that desire his Custom Gear and Equipment that he has been designing over the past two years. (See Custom Gear & Equipment List for details.)
Sonny has a hands on approach through all his projects; he is passionate for the art and wears many hats.
Other Facts:
• Sonny currently resides in Greenville, SC.
• Sonny is a graduate from Coastal Carolina University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Majoring in Theatre.
• Sonny is affiliated with several production companies as well as a management company and an agency that is rated within the top 5 in the entertainment industry in cities such as in Los Angeles and Nashville TN; Pretty Bird Productions, Stone Circle Films, Hollyville Nashville TV Productions and Skip Films as well as William Morris Agency and Station Three Management inc.
• Sonny has worked with well know actors such as: Clayne Crawford, Sean Faris, Navi Rawat, Ross Patterson, Michael Raymond-James, Christian Kane, Sunny Mabrey & Ethan Embry.

Special Skills- DIrecting, Writing and composing shot lists, shooting scripts for screenplays, Writing Treatments and Co-Writing scripts. His strengths in writing are a detailed in character development with relationship arcs, story arcs, and P.O.V. A vision for camera movement and Motifs to establish atmosphere, transitions, and an overall camera connection to the emotional realm of the story and the characters that encompass the film.
Editing in FCP, Director of Photography, Music Supervision, and All facets of Producing from logistical to creative.

Sonny has been involved in all aspects of Pre-Production, Production, Production Design & Post Production.
Sonny has a hands on approach through all his projects; he is passionate about the art of creating through the
wonderful medium of Digital and Film. He has over 7 years of experience in the following fields: Directing,
Director of Photography, Writing, Art Direction, Set Design, Location Scout, Producing and Editing with Final Cut.


Smile Empty Soul, “Don’t Ever Leave” Writer, Director, Producer Apple Valley, CA
Dropz, “Ladiez” Writer, Director, Producer Myrtle Beach, SC
Bar None, “Do It” Writer, Director, Producer Nashville, TN
Josh Green, “Dance With Me” Executive Producer, Producer Los Angeles, CA


The Bahati Foundation Benefit Concert, Club Nokia, Los Angeles, CA
Creative Director, Art Director, Producer, Choreographer, Music Supervisor, writer, director, editor
Live Orchestra with, Choir, and Step Team accompanied by a
Short Film Documentary that was prepared and showcased the night of the event.

The Viper Room, Los Angeles, CA
Various Productions: Fashion Shows, Comedy Shows, Live Concerts, Dancer Showcases
Creative Director / Art Director

John Legend, “Show Me Campaign” Production Supervisor Los Angeles, CA
Barnes Brothers Director, Producer Los Angeles, CA
Sons of Many Writer, Director, Producer PERU
Bahati: Out of Compton Exec. Producer, Writer, Director Compton, CA
The Lighthouse Producer, Field Producer Big Fork, MT

Mira Trade Center, California Commercial Developer Exec. Producer San Diego, CA
LandFair Communities, Real Estate Developer Producer, Writer Greenville, SC/Cookeville, TN
J B Lacher Jewelers, Broadcast Commercial Exec. Producer Greenville, SC
The Greenville Journal, Local Publication Production House Greenville, SC
Electrochem, Aerospace Training & Promotion Producer, Writer Los Angeles, CA
Kroger Grocery, Training & Promotion Producer, Post Production Los Angeles, CA


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