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  1. Video Arte

    by lucidhouse subscribed to

    266 Videos / 5,763 Followers

    Audio Visual Art ~*

  2. Je Regarde

    by Carlos De Carvalho subscribed to

    21 Videos / 115 Followers


  3. 2D Animation

    by Sean Caesar subscribed to

    209 Videos / 266 Followers

    2D animation up the whazoo!

  4. orange animation

    by Juan Carlos Cruz subscribed to

    690 Videos / 275 Followers

  5. 2D Only

    by Rafael Tolentino da Silva subscribed to

    453 Videos / 278 Followers

    Animation Animation Animation Animation, but only 2D animation! That's for sure!

  6. Koja Loops

    by Koja subscribed to

    8 Videos / 2 Followers

    Kojas loops. (and almost-loops) Ideas, sketches, anything. Some will grow over time, meet and make something new.

  7. ventilate

    by ventilate ca subscribed to

    952 Videos / 901 Followers

    Featured Vimeo videos from: http://www.ventilate.ca http://www.twitter.com/ventilate


    by Vimida Das subscribed to

    1,426 Videos / 896 Followers

    A place where some of the really creative videos, especially animated ones, find a home :)

  9. Motionographer

    by Motionographer subscribed to

    885 Videos / 2,690 Followers

    Since 2006, Motionographer has been sharing news and inspiration for motion designers, animators and visual storytellers of all kinds. http://motionographer.com

  10. stop motion is not only...

    by daniela.uribe subscribed to

    166 Videos / 163 Followers

    Stop motion animation is typically associated with clay puppets when it is only a choice of all the million possibilities afforded by this technique, stop motion is the animation of objects that exist…

  11. Motion Design l 3D l Typo

    by Serhan 'n' Serhan subscribed to

    889 Videos / 2,217 Followers

    All kind of animation (2D/3D), Typography, Tutorials. But most of all Inspiration


    by Booooooom / Jeff Hamada subscribed to

    813 Videos / 5,193 Followers

    The official Vimeo channel for http://www.Booooooom.com Animations, music videos, artist interviews, live performances, and experimental films. To submit recent work for consideration, join…

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