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Inspired by the urban community, Im a dedicated bboy and a freelance computer graphic artist. Dance is my life. Im also an artist. My other interests are photography, tuning cars, and goofing off with my friends. Im 21 and have big plans for the future, I want to open my own dance studio, I also want to start my own clothing company called Steez & Skillz, and Oy! Clothing, I would love to one day design and print my own products. Most of my artworks reflects my own life to design concepts for flyers, posters and logos. I would say my ultimate style in my artworks have an urban minimalist/pop art feel to it. When it comes to dancing my focus is on "style" itself, since breaking is broken down into two major groups, the "power" and the "style", I focus more on "style" because I believe it expresses your artistic side and gives you more freedom to create moves and present them with "style".

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