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Fargo, ND

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Hello! I like to be called Kojak. I don’t know why, it just fits. Anyway, I am about to be a father (September 27th, 2010) and I love everything in life. I love my girl, I love what I do, the people that I work with, and I am really comfortable. I don’t care about drama, I don’t care about negative B.S. I love to help other people and family will always be #1.

I’m usually available and I try to always answer my phone. If you need to talk, call me at 701-306-8881.

I am the Social Media Coordinator for Valley Imports Inc. in Fargo, ND. I love doing what I do because it allows me to do things like this! I have an amazing opportunity to interact with new people every day, make movies, social network, and so much more. Oh, not to mention, I am surrounded by the nicest cars that I have ever seen. I work directly with Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen and Mitsubishi. What more could you ask for in FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA?!?!?!?!

Anthony Rome
Social Media Coordinator
Wallwork, Inc.
Fargo, ND 58103
Ph/Txt (701) 306-8881
Fax (701)277-1864

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