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Tamarama, Sydney

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Simon is a freelance cinematographer and editor who works predominantly on short films, music videos and documentaries. Starting his career at Metro Screen, Simon works from a strong technical foundation and has an eye for dramatic composition and lighting.
As a DOP and editor, Simon's most recent work includes Tinman which was in the top 25 films at Tropfest 2011. 
In 2009 Living with EES won the Sydney 48 Hour Film Project, acknowledging his work as a DOP and editor, Simon and the team behind the film went onto compete in the 48 Hour Film Project grand finals in Las Vegas. 
Simon works across diverse communities as a tutor in media and has also worked on projects for ABC, Metro Screen, NIDA, The Lifestyle Channel, TV1, TVS, Optus, Zacuto & Sony Music.


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