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I am a very keen photographer, not a professional though would like to be one day. I also I like art and used to draw myself and browse CG/sci-fi art.

I'm a big music fan. My fav genres are indie, dance, alternative, new music and trip-hop and my favourite artists are Radiohead, Hybrid and The Prodigy. I love movies, no particular genre but my fav movies are Sunshine, Seven and The Matrix and I'm a huge fan of Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman.

I like sport and watch football, rugby, tennis and some motorsport. I've been using computers for many a year and consider myself a bit of a nerd. :-) I worked in the computer games industry for several years and have been involved in web development too. I'm always trying new software and tweaks. I like to get out on long walks, sometimes with my dog and if possible out and about cycling. I'm interested in science and technology, including space exploration and I try and read science-fiction books when I can.

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