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At most production companies, you'll find directors who are total prima donnas. Editors hell-bent on making every spot into an "edgy" spot. And producers who work overtime to pad your tab.

None of these people work at

We're a straight up group. Highly talented. And always professional. We provide honest estimates. Great work. And fair rates. All of it without the attitude.

KO-MAR is the Palm Beaches' original production company. Since 1980, we've seen tons of other guys come and go. And through it all, we've stayed. We've grown. And we've made it for one reason - we're that good.

We do it all - from high-end HD production and local TV commercials, to corporate videos and broadcast programming. We work with local and national clients like The PGA of America, NBC Sports, Office Depot, Jamaican Tourist Board, Regent Seven Seas Cruise Lines, Golf Digest, City Mattress, and The South Florida Fair. And we've been recognized for our work with awards, honors and a wealth of happy clients.

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