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Konrad Patocs
Studies Film Production at Kulturama

Konrad Patocs, a producer who recently graduated from his first year studying Film Production at Kulturama. Born in Budapest, Hungary he moved to Sweden when he was a child and grew up in the town of Jönköping. After a short stint in the military and working abroad in the Caribbean and USA, he moved to Stockholm and enrolled at IHM Business School, graduating in Business Development & Marketing in 2012. Immediately after, with the long time goal of becoming a producer, he enrolled at Kulturama, producing several short films, music videos and commercials through the year. He is now doing his second year of producing at Kulturama, with the aim of raising the bar even higher.

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  • World AIDS Day Gala 2012 - Working for the World AIDS Day Galan 2012, me and my team produced promotion videos and a number of interviews. My role was producer, editor and sound recorder.


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