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New Brunswick, Canada

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Konrad Stief is the youngest of eight children from a poor blue collar family and raised in numerous locations in the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and British Columbia. After completing high school in New Brunswick he studied Business Technology, Banking/Business and Broadcast Journalism while working at various jobs.

In 1993 Konrad volunteered his time at Fundy Community Television which encouraged his love of television production and enrolled in broadcast journalism in Halifax Nova Scotia to further his education. During his tenure there he volunteered hundreds of hours at Halifax Cable which exposed him to a highly organized professional approach of television production. In 1999 Konrad joined a film co-op with the intention of furthering his technical skills as a crew member and to gain experience as an actor. Eventually directing was his passion and he made a short film 'A Dream of Life' in 2002.

Currently in development of various creative projects of feature-length and short form screenplays, ciné-essays, a rewrite of his novel Dionysian Days. Pursuing new opportunities in music recording, music composition (chamber and orchestral) and playwriting. A major orchestral composition titled 'Une Ange solitude' dedicated to his deceased mother is in the works.


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  1. Konrad Stief commented on Winter Water
    Finally watched your film and thoroughly enjoyed your creativity. Beautiful images in contrast with the intense music.