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I am a young person aspiring to become a cinematography director and actress. I love all that is innovating and different and am attracted to change and quirkiness. I love to enquire and write about topics I love and I feel comfortable when I act. I made myself an account on Vimeo to discover new art and people and enlarge my contacts in the domain I love. I wish to enrich my movie culture and experience different genres.

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  1. This is beautifulll! Merci d'etre venu a Lausanne (écal) pour nous parler :) Splendid!
  2. Korlei commented on Cloudy Iced Tea
    Thank you a lot for commenting Maike :D it means a lot and thank you for the wise sounding advice!!!
  3. Maike commented on Cloudy Iced Tea
    heya!!! Your so beautiful!! I love your imagination, your absolutly great and seems so sensetive, dont let anybody take that away from you when you get out of your room at some point ;))
  4. Korlei commented on Cloudy Iced Tea
    Thank you RBA VP!! I do wish to be a film maker in the near future. I am not in film school, i am in a regular middle school (i'm 14) we don't do any kind of video work in school. I've never done any professional work, or worked with any professional…