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Manheim, PA

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Hello and thanks for checking us out!
We are Krasley Christmas!
FIRST let me say, I am a proud Union Electrician working for the IBEW Local 743 in Reading PA. I didn't get all my skills from the IBEW but it is my life!
I work with some of the most talented and educated people in the world! Mark my word's, if it's worth building, it's worth hiring the union trades!
I am a Christmas enthusiast. I have always been passionate about putting out a nice Christmas display. I inherited the love of it from my Grandfather! But since I started using computer controlled equipment, I have gone the extra mile and took it to extremes!
I just wish everyone could come by and see our display! It is one of those "you got to see it to believe it" kind of displays and it's larger than life here in person.
I started to post our videos on the utube site, but I got tired of disputing the copyright BS! I do this display for all the children out there. Young or old, we are all children at heart. I don't make any money from this display and the video content I post is an original production made by me. I use some music in my display that the music company may object to being used. But the use of it is a "fair use" clause. I am no way trying to take credit for the artist's or the musicians of ANY music I may use in my display! I applaud them and will give them credit right up front where they deserve to be acknowledged. I personally own the music I use and have paid for it. If the artists would have a look at what we do, they too would enjoy the works us crazy light people do!

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