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Kris Krohn is a leading real estate investor and co-founder of The Strongbrook Group. Through his service at Strongbrook, Krohn fulfills a long-term vision to helm a group of companies formed to help clients create, manage, protect and grow their wealth.
As Kris Krohn continues to sculpt the Strongbrook mission, he provides inspiration and energy to continually advance the company towards greater achievements. Kris Krohn plays a significant role in the development of Strongbrook’s educational activities to educate the public on real estate investment trends and tips.
Kris Krohn has invested in a number of rental homes through Strongbook’s organization, Real Estate Investment Council (REIC). Kris Krohn envisioned the REIC, along with several supporting businesses, as a way to help other entities implement his proprietary system and achieving their own financial success.
An outside-the-box business innovator, Kris Krohn works tirelessly to ensure that Strongbrook remains ahead of the curve. He also directs team members who strive to improve the lives of all clients while making positive contributions to the national economy.
Before pursuing a career in the real estate industry, Kris Krohn received a bachelor’s degree in the area of Marriage, Family and Human Development. While still in college, Kris Krohn bought his first investment property and owned a dozen more by the time of graduation. In the years that followed, Kris Krohn would gain experience and insight by participating in a variety of real estate activities, including foreclosures, flips, rentals and many others.
Eventually, Kris Krohn discovered his particular niche. He has instructed thousands of Americans on how to invest intelligently in today’s real estate market with the least amount of effort and risk. In order to optimize client returns, Kris Krohn established the Straight Path System, a convenient guide to real estate investment.
Kris Krohn has purchased and sold hundreds of properties during his career, and currently maintains ownership in numerous positive cash-flow homes. A renowned public speaker, Kris Krohn has authored The Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth, a convenient how-to guide that details effective and efficient investment strategies.
According to Kris Krohn, the success of Strongbrook can be credited to the company’s hard-working, dedicated staff of professionals that combine decades of business management with investment experience. Kris Krohn defines his philosophy as “low-risk investment,” with limited exposure maximum returns for all Strongbrook clients.
Under the guidance of Kris Krohn, Strongbook has established itself as an exciting and robust company with a global impact. The power of Strongbook and REIC is found in building a sustainable and secure pathway towards financial freedom for all those who seek it. Kris Krohn and the Strongbook associates are constantly inspired by their clients, with a primary goal of influencing the lives of everyone they touch. To honor this commitment, Krohn offers his wealth of knowledge through an extensive selection of highly educational events and programs.
Kris Krohn currently owns more than 400 properties located across the United States. He lives in Orem, Utah with his wife, Kalenn, and their four children.

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