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Martin Scorsese once said: "Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out." I strongly believe that. I think filmmaking at its best and purest form is a tool that each and every one of us can use to tell our own particular stories, to convey information, to elicit change, and to affect a mood in audiences, all from our own point of view. If you can create a video or film document that makes a person stop and think or question their place in the world or their opinion on a subject, I think you've done a tremendous benefit for humanity as a whole.

I have chosen to be involved with the moving picture medium because I believe it is the most complete and honest form of human expression that we have yet to create. I look to grow and learn with each project that I get involved in and I believe I will be learning about filmmaking until I die. I enjoy this challenge and am humbled to be able to have the freedom to take this creative journey each day. I want to use this space to learn, collaborate, and share thoughts and ideas with others and continue my own personal growth as a filmmaker.


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