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Opening minds and supporting talent!

Inspired by philosophy, science and the arts, we seek knowledge and understanding. KЯPT represents the hidden potential people posses.

We are a group of creative people and we express our creativity through KЯPT; creating limited edition clothing and supporting talent and causes we believe in. We are more than a brand, we are an idea, a movement aiming to change the perception of what is real. We are part of a new generation of thinkers who will not be moulded by the propaganda used in the mass media, our eyes are open and the world is our oyster.

Reality is what you make of it.

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  2. KRPT LDN commented on Skrimp Shit
    Sick shit! That Elephant and Castle bank is sick we got some footy there a few weeks ago! Check our 5 on the Bank on youtube/krptlondon!