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Web content producer. online community guru. Passionate about tech, animals, video games & helping people understand the dynamics of social interaction on the internet.

I dance when nobody is watching, sometimes I video it.

Find my iPhone in my hand at all times:

Beta? You want me in QA, where they call me Alpha, professional bug stomper. If there's a hiccup in your code, I'll find it.

Game on.
You name it, I've played it. All the way back to Pong, Tecmo Bowl, Baseball Stars, Contra, Time Splitters, etc. Today you'll find Rockband 2, Fable, Assassin's Creed 2, RDR, MW, CoD, Halo, Bioshock, Battlefield, Forza on my playlist.

I love to create videos for fun and as a way to test/learn new software.

Apple lover. I ♥ my apps and anything Mac.

Questions? I'd love to hear from you!


♫ back in the day: A cool video music blog I'm apart of. Subscribe!

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