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Kurt is currently located in Brooklyn, New York where he is working as a freelance cam op, cinematographer, AC, PA, editor, etc.

His most recent documentary work was as a cinematographer for a film titled, "The Game Changer". It follows Susan Slotnick a dance choreographer who spends her Sundays in a prison in upstate New York teaching prisoners how to perform modern dance. The documentary is screening nationally and internationally this fall (2014).

His first experience with long-form work was an internship with CNN's Special Investigations and Documentaries Unit where he co-produced a piece for AC360 titled "American Slaves: Hiding in Plain Sight".

Kurt also previously interned at 371 Productions conducting outreach and engagement for the Emmy-nominated documentary feature "As Goes Janesville".

He has one documentary currently in production "De la Misa a la Montaña | From Mass to the Mountain", to keep up-to-date on this project please visit the film's Facebook page. facebook.com/masstomtn

I had creative control over all production, and for every video I collected and edited all footage used. (only exception: "Gone Rappelling" where Kyle Probst was on camera.)

please visit my website for more info: ksensenb.weebly.com

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