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I am a storyteller, conceptualizer & innovator from Toronto.
My background is in film & television as a producer, director and just about everything else at one time or another. Currently I run a creative writing blog, and I am also a Studio[Y] fellow at the MaRS Discovery District.

I am at my core a storyteller. I was raised by parents who were touring-hippy-musicians, who later became medical practitioners. This dichotomy in my upbringing lends me an eye for the beautiful, within the constraints of everyday life. After taking a few months off from producing music videos and short films in 2014, I was chosen to be part of a multi-disciplinary fellowship program called Studio[Y]. I've been given a chance to grow & learn while working alongside some of Canada's brightest and best.

Throughout this all, writing and storytelling have been my rock, something I can return to. Storytelling is a component of everyday life, and exists in everything. It's what allows me to learn from the past, and stay informed for the future.

I bring a creative fervour to all the work I do, as well as a playful and highly professional attitude. I embrace success in amongst the failures; That is what creativity and innovation are to me- failures wrapped in success.

In the coming months I'll be finishing up my fellowship and looking to get back out in the world to keep telling stories.

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