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Winston Salem, NC

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Hi there! :) Moved to NC, I landed a gig as a broadcast video editor. I also do freelance video editing, participate in local films and any projects I can get my hands on. My most recent venture was editing an animated music video and a sci-fi feature film called "Ingenue" that celebrated it's premiere at IMAX.

I am passionate and love everything about post-production adventures. I have colourful hair so you can find me in the dark #editcave. I owe a lot to the great people of #postchat on Twitter every Wed! ^_^

When I have that blank time line in front of me, I see possibilities.
Let me tell your next story!

Also see:
twitter.com/NinjaKittay My twitter.
katietoomey.com - My website.
youtube.com/user/Desolationangell - Other videos.

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