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Küche is an image studio.

What we do is producing videos and taking pictures. We design strategies to showcase projects online and generate contents. Our workspace is the internet.

We prefer that the image stays bright and honest, without exaggerating with the use of effects.

We enjoy documenting everyday-life and showing it at its finest.


Buenos Aires - Argentina.


  1. The Sartorialist
  2. Kinfolk (kinfolk.com)
  3. Jalouse blog
  4. Vanessa Bruno
  5. Piedra, Papel y Tijera
  6. Joaquín Neira
  7. rachelchew
  8. María Eugenia Dipi
  9. Bárbara Golubicki
  10. Leandro Dominguez
  11. Correspondencia
  12. Dana Lee
  13. High Beam Media
  14. Tales of Endearment
  15. Olivia Rae James
  16. laura minces
  17. FrenchTrotters
  18. The Hill-Side

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