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I am designer in Montreal Canada concerned with problems that implicate end-users. I think about how the user's interaction with a product, service, or experience can be seamless and fulfilling, even poetic.

I also consider broader contexts that situate problems. I believe a multidisciplinary approach with a firm grip on history, politics, culture, technology, and cognition are important to solving many problems in a technocratic society and on an overburdened planet. I try to apply all my thinking, passion, and knowledge to each new problem I encounter.

My craftsmanship varies from programming software interfaces to designing graphic art. I am interested in a myriad of issues related to such domains as society, politics, architecture, governance, technology, biology, innovation, exploration, design, sustainability, art, and the future.

I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University and will likely continue higher education studies in the fields of Cognitive Science, Computer Science, and Interaction Design.

Through a life-long commitment to Design I hope to improve the world in my lifetime and beyond.

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