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Design-in(g) Space is Kultnation —Marco Vinicio— intimate obsession to work with form, scale, light, animated stories and their interrelationships in architectural spaces.
Over the past six years of artistic journey, he has reinterpreted the narrative found in Graphic Design, typography, bi-dimensional compositions and created fictional scenarios that come to life through the stories embodied within the animation form.

Born in 1978 in Mexico City and working as designer and director he has created art films for the moving image industry evoking not only amorphous and atmospheric dreams from his childhood but as well polymorphic sequential structures that come to life in a world of unusual stories and non-linear narratives.

He regularly works in collaboration with both studios and clients around the globe, and his art films have been exhibited and featured at Musée d´Art Contemporain du Val de Marne, Carrillo Gil Museum of Art, Pictoplasma, ondedotzero, Sónar Festival, IdN Magazine, Gestalten’s Latino Grafico, Stash and the Type Director’s Club 32.

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