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My name is Robert, and I'm not your average guy.

I like "Techie" stuff and I enjoy playing keyboards of all types - including those attached to computers. :)

I'm also NOT your "Typical Nerd" ...

I come complete with musical abilities, absolutely FREE! :)

Whether it is playing a song by ear, or actually composing something original using (whatever) the unit's built-in functions, or mixing several sounds together, I pride myself in the rather unique way I go about creating my songs.

I like the outdoors, but for some reason I am indoors quite a bit. I have computers, keyboards, and am multi-talented.

I also have some special "gifts", and if I trust you, I will let you in on "the big secret" about them.

I love many of the older 70s and 80s flicks, such as "Weird Science", "My Science Project", "Space Balls" and lots more.

I am also just discovering some of the older classics - they just don't make them (actresses and the movies they star in) like THAT any more - wow !

I'm also into Star Trek, Star Wars, and most Sci-Fi and Space Adventure films.

I also like the real thing, and enjoy talking Earth and Science-related stuff, as well a finding ways to help Mother Earth stay the way Nature (and God) intended.

I prefer films that are good clean fun over violence and swearing
but action and a nice story go a long way towards that enjoyment.

I'm also becoming more of a casual gamer, rather than a total speed-freak, so if you see me wanting to take it a little slow, please don't be alarmed. The trigger finger does need a rest from time to time ! You'll probably fine me playing Quake (1 or 2 - but mostly 2, Doom 3, Sauerbraten or Unreal, or some other First Person Shooter, but I also enjoy slow games like Solitaire, Flight Simulator or editing a map in Sauerbraten, (or Quake 2), when I want to unwind ...

There's a lot more than meets the eye here, and getting to know me will open up many more avenues of opportunity.

Smile, and the world smiles with you! :)

Cheers, mates!

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