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Not only addressing but moving people…

…is the key to successful communication. For communication designers this means using a diversity of meaningful signs creatively, purposefully and sensibly. This requires talent, intuition, and a lot of expertise; a number of requisites we have been encouraging and teaching since 1989. As a state-approved vocational school for applied arts, wandsbek school of arts is one of the best-established schools of its kind in northern Germany.

Our students will be able to achieve internationally-approved qualifications in seven semesters. This will allow them best possible career opportunities later in life. Since very recently it is also possible to continue studying on a postgraduate course at one of our collaborative European universities.

If you would like to find out more about our institution, please visit us at our school or browse our website, which can provide you with detailed information on general topics such as studies, students, staff, and lots more.

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