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Istanbul, Turkey

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Kurye Video Organization is an independent, international organization operating in the field of video and digital arts.
Kurye organizes international video and digital art festivals, film screenings, exhibitions and live AV performances. Kurye also works as an agency in representing some of the artists and works in its archive as well as artists specializing on interactive installations, video-mapping and light installations from all over Europe.

After organizing six years of uninterrupted festivals on video and digital arts (first three under the name of Kargart and the last three under its own name, Kurye Video Festival), Kurye is set out to bring major European festivals on digital arts and design to Turkey as well as continuing its own festival –all in an effort to help put Istanbul high on the list of major festival centers of the world. The first major European festival hosted by Kurye in Istanbul was the Barcelona based digital culture festival OFFF.

You can follow our upcoming projects from kuryevideo.org and contact us about new project proposals through: info@kuryevideo.org.

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