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Kussette started playing classical music in 1995. She started with an acoustic guitar then got geared to attending piano lessons for formal training. She applied the lessons at home by recording tracks using analog decks, such as on cassette. She developed her enthusiasm in music by doing so. Typically she interests in rock, hip-hop, and trance when she was 18, and she started getting together with sister and cousin in rapping with the boom box.

When she moved to US in 2004 she got exposed to a larger array of music genre. She originally preferred to listen to Christian Rock music for her passion for Jesus consistently flows with her expression when she does so.

In her 20's, she geared in playing and recording House music for and with great people in the West side of US, such as California, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona. The methods of her networking consisted of events, online radio, shows, battle, and contests as a DJ.

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