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Kusum Normoyle is an artist and musician working in the area of extended vocal techniques and noise for both performance and installation.

Core to Kusum’s practice is the idea of intervention, displacing normal expectations of female body and voice. In performance these interjections are brief, extreme and physical. The female scream takes a much heavier tone, more like metal than hysteria, dragging the audience into a harder faster display of screaming, amplification and feedback.

The provocation is not limited to staged events, they can appear in public space (the city, the outdoors) where passers-by become the audience. Confronted by an unexpected display of extreme vocals they try not to look, go about their business, ask if she is ok, mimic and honk their car horns. These site specific noise events are focused on a re-distribution of listening, requesting attention to the way we respond to environmental sound and an advocation of action.

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