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Flåm, Norway

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Kyrre Wangen was born in Aurland, a small village located in the Sognefjord, surrounded by steep mountains, waterfalls, glaciers and wild nature. Growing up in this idyllic postcard landscape, Kyrre developed a taste for all things beautiful – with a rebellious twist. After some years as a vagabond; travelling, skateboarding, snowboarding and studying graphic design, Kyrre started to nurture his love for photography. He moved to England, where he studied photography at Falmouth College of Arts, and soon he assisted photographers shooting for among others Vogue, Dazed & Confused, V and Fantastic Man.

Kyrre now travels between London, Norway and Brazil, shooting fashion editorials, landscapes, portraits and documenting every day life, both in his tiny hometown, as well as in the favelas of Brazil.

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