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Kyle Laughlin, studied visual communication at the University of Idaho (1989-1992) with a emphasis in advertising, art and video production. Moving to Europe in the summer of 1992, he focused mainly on photography until 2003. Getting back into video in 2004, he produced a number of advertisements for local business in Kaiserslautern, Germany. His advertising agency then turned it’s focus on special events and interactive DVD content. Having moved back to the US in March 2012, Kyle has focused exclusively on video production and refined his technique for “cinema style” videography and editing. “I really like shallow depth of field and strive to give every video I produce the Indie Film look and feel. The investment in equipment, lens and technical training has really paid off personally and I look forward to sharing this with my clients. Everything I shoot, I shoot to satisfy my own high standards and look at every project as personal”.

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