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Welcome to Kyoto and Nara Dream Trips, where you will be able to see a traditional and ancient part of Kyoto and Nara that not many travel guides offer. This is a community to share your experiences in Japan and to learn more about this often elusive culture. Here you will find information on popular tourist sites of Nara and Kyoto and also the not-so-popular sites which are often equally rewarding. You can also find information posted on the wall about famous Japanese peoples' birthdays, famous historical events, and different odd and widely unknown traditions. Discover a side of Japan which you never knew existed, here at Kyoto and Nara Dream Trips!
I am a Belgian citizen from the city of Antwerp in Belgium, living in Japan for more than 20 years. At present I live in Kyoto. With my video uploads I am trying to bring some of Kyoto's famous world heritage sites in HD to your arm chair. Sit back and enjoy!

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