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Columbus, Ohio

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Kara Young is a 20 year old Columbus College of Art & Design student majoring in advertising and graphic design. Coming from a very artistic background, she began her work at the young age of 12. In those short seven years she has garnered positive reviews for her art by multiple celebrities like rapper Soulja Boy and model Shaun Ross through the world of social media. She has made her own brand, which focuses primarily on graphic art, fine art and photography, and a little videography. Her use of vibrant colors, distortions and abstractions is what makes her work stand out from many others like her. It's safe to say that Ms. Young is the epitome of the aspiring artist. She makes worlds out of simple concepts and ideas. Art is truly what she finds pure altruistic passion in, and I can safely say that the beauty and profundity that can be found in a piece is what makes her strive to be the best at what she does.

Written by Dagmawe Berhanu

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