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Laacke & Joys was founded in 1844, and has a rich history supporting our community and culture. We give special thanks to our loyal customers here and around the globe. Our staff along with exceptional customer service and quality products sets us apart as a locally-owned premier outdoor retailer.

Laacke & Joys has been the local leader in providing quality clothing and outerwear, footwear, camping and paddlesports gear and accessories along with skis and snowboards and winter sport accessories (in-season). We also carry outdoor patio furniture year-round at our Brookfield location.

We have three retail locations: Downtown Milwaukee, Brookfield and Mequon. Our Downtown store is located on the Milwaukee River, providing a unique opportunity to test paddle and explore the River and Downtown Milwaukee. Boat rentals are available at our Downtown and Brookfield Stores.

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  1. Ya we don't really film a whole lot but we got to go out to Breck so we found a camera lying around the house and took some shots.
  2. I wish I started when I was 5 rather than 42. What a great resort to ride at as well !!! So cool !!!!
  3. Damn dude, your not a bad rider, your actually pretty good and i cant believe you tried a double, but your filming and editing are absolutely horrible! sorry to say that but you could do so much better with your level of riding!