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Fascinated by the macabre, the avant-garde, the surreal & villainous, La Barbe Rousse is an emergent Film Director from Montréal, Quebec.

Meditative works of darkest symbolism & examined morality, questioned narrative & reconciled duality, his films explore anarchy & fear, lust & death, love & salvaged redemption,
all in equal measure.

La Barbe Rousse has directed films for an assortment of independent & commercial projects, including Visage Musique, Missy Industry, Lisbon Lux Records and many more.

His work has also been included in numerous national & international festivals in Montréal,
Brussels, Los Angeles, Sydney and more.

La Barbe Rousse was born in Montréal in 1987.

Receiving his education in Film at the city's Concordia University, he now works between Berlin, Los Angeles & Montréal.

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