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LABYRINTH is a French MTB brand specialized in the production of high ends mountain bikes.
Nested in the Vosges mountains (north east of France), “LABYRINTH Bikes” is a brand oriented towards development of our sport. Composed of a dynamic team, we are always looking to improve our products to fully satisfy the most demanding riders. Attention to details, well thought suspension kinematics, reliability and second to none aesthetic are some of the words that best describe the brand philosophy.

Our playground: The Vosges, where we test our bikes. The mountains offer endless possibilities, whether to refine his technique to find the perfect line or increase the difficulties and push our limits in the mountains.

These bike rides are always the best way to think of possible evolutions of our products and ideas of development or improvements comes naturally. This allows us to have products that meet riders highest performance expectations while keeping riding pleasure and fun at the same time.

“We create because we ride” is the motto of the brand.

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